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For the moment I don't propose any Mupp meets Mupp courses!

Dieser Kurs richtet sich nur an Menschen die bereit sind intensiv zu trainieren und einige Wochen hintereinander zum Training zu kommen. Wer nur 1-2 Mal kommen will, der bekommt in diesem Kurs keinen Platz (Plätze die sehr limitiert sind!), denn um eine Veränderung zu bewirken, müssen viele Wiederholungen in kontrollierter Umgebung gemacht werden. 

Ich bitte Sie, bevor Sie sich bei mir melden, sich genau zu überlegen ob Sie bereit sind sich intensiv ins Training zu stürzen mit Ihrem Hund. Alles andere ist Zeit- und Geldverschwendung, und Sie werden keine Veränderung bei Ihrem Hund sehen. 

Mupp meets Mupp is a course for dogs reactive on leash. 

We have first to assess the reasons of this behaviour on leash, so that we also get aware of the emotions behind such a behaviour. 

In this course the dog will be taught that there is an alternative to his actual behaviour. We teach him to focus more again on his human than on other dogs. This is a training that needs a lot of repetitions. No dog will learn a new behaviour in a few days. 

It is needed that humans are open to this kind of training. We will work in controlled environments so that the dog is able to learn. We will not push the dog into close meetings with other dogs and push him into red zone. 

Before the main training, it is important to do a first meeting where we teach you different exercises that you need to practise before the training. 

This kind of training can only work if you are motivated to work. The trainers will not take your dog and train him. You and the dog have to learn how to act when meeting other dogs. 

If you are not interested to train regularly, and only search for a miracle solution, then this course is not for you! Nobody can change your dog's emotions in a few hours. A behaviour change takes weeks, months, years, depending on how much time you want to invest. 


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