NiceDogs Dog School proposes different courses. Here you have an overview. Please contact me if you have questions. 

NiceDogs is based on fair training which means that we will reward the dog for his work. 

We will also use treats during the training. 

During the training sessions you will learn to use other rewards, because everything your dog likes is a reward. The Human only needs to use those natural rewards. 

PUPPY CLASS for dogs aged between 2 and 5 months 

DAILY DOG LEVEL 1 for dogs aged 5 months and older

(after puppy class or as newbie) 

DAILY DOG LEVEL 2 for dogs who attended level 1 successfully 

DAILY DOG LEVEL 3 for dogs who attended level 2 successfully 


Dr Sylvie Neis

35 Cité Wuesheck

L-8351 Dahlem

Tel: +352 26 88 96 07

(Tuesday until Thursday between 10h00 and 12h00) 


Opening Hours:

Monday               closed

Tuesday              10-12 & 14-19

Wednesday         10-12 & 14-19

Thursday             10-12 & 14-19

Friday                 10-12 & 14-16

Saturday             only group courses

                          NO individual lessons

Sunday               only group courses

                          NO individual lessons