Puppy Class

This course is for dogs aged between 2 and 5 months. Small groups!

Before starting the group course, every dog has to come to an indiviual first meeting of about 1 hour (85 Euros...check out the conditions under the category PRICES). We will discuss all your questions and your puppy can have a look around the training field. 

We have 5x 45 minutes group course on the training field and 1x 45 minutes group course outside the training field to work on environment coping strategies. Different themes will be discussed. You receive an email after each unit with all the exercises. Between exercises I focus on rewarding calm behaviour. Coordination is also an important part of the puppy class. 


This is not a play course where puppies can play for 45 minutes. If you are looking for such a course, this puppy class is not for your puppy. 

Only suitable for people who

- want to live in harmony with their dog 

- want their dog to trust them 100% 

- don't want to work with aversive methods 

- want to have fun during training 

- are fed to get useless and / or brutal advice

This puppy class is not suitable if

- You are not ready to learn something new 

- You are not interested in an education without force, punishment and psychological pressure

- You are not ready to reward your puppy if it does something good 

- You think that attending a course once a week is enough, and you don't want to invest more time.

The puppy class is organised over 6 weeks. If you miss one unit, this unit will be lost. There is no possibility to repeat that unit. The fees of the 6 weeks have to be paid at latest during the first unit. There is no refund for missed units. 

Note that it is important to attend puppy class regularly. Now is the important socialisation period of your puppy. 


You may send me your questions all the time by email during the whole course.


Dr Sylvie Neis

35 Cité Wuesheck

L-8351 Dahlem

Tel: +352 26 88 96 07

(Tuesday until Thursday between 10h00 and 12h00) 

Email: info@nicedogs.lu

Opening Hours:

Monday               closed

Tuesday              10-12 & 14-19

Wednesday         10-12 & 14-19

Thursday             10-12 & 14-19

Friday                 10-12 & 14-16

Saturday             only group courses

                          NO individual lessons

Sunday               only group courses

                          NO individual lessons