Before the participation in a group course, every new dog at the dog school has to come to an individual meeting. This meeting costs 85 Euros (check out the conditions under the category PRICES). We will go through all your questions and I can see if there are any problems in your dog that we need to know before the training.

This individual meeting can only be held during the week from Tuesday til Friday, not on weekends. Please check out the opening hour during the week at the end of this page.  

This course is for dogs who attended the puppy class or young new dogs to the dog school. There is no age limit. 

This course is organised over an online agenda where you can enrol in the session that suits you best. It is recommended to participate once per week in a group training.

We work in maximum 6-8 Human-Dog-Teams.  

In this course you will receive a work sheet with the exercises that we will see and that need to be known before changing to level 2. So it does not help you to do quickly the different levels. Stay in level 1 until you and your dog are ready to move on.

As always we ask a lot from the dog but also from the human in this dog school. 

Daily Dog

Level 1


Dr Sylvie Neis

35 Cité Wuesheck

L-8351 Dahlem

Tel: +352 26 88 96 07

(Tuesday until Thursday between 10h00 and 12h00) 


Opening Hours:

Monday               closed

Tuesday              10-12 & 14-19

Wednesday         10-12 & 14-19

Thursday             10-12 & 14-19

Friday                 10-12 & 14-16

Saturday             only group courses

                          NO individual lessons

Sunday               only group courses

                          NO individual lessons